Spice up your meal with home-made synthetic-free and flavourful achaar from Jayani Pickles and Murabba. Started by a family from Shahdara, Delhi, they are turning old-age grandma’s recipe into a thriving business. Made with loads of love and passion, their achaars can seriously remind you of your grandma’s pickles. our products are packed with great freshness and care. Each pickle pack and murabba (marmalade) pack is providing FSSAI with quality and safety standards.
The MAA BAGLAMUKHI ENTERPRISES ensures the availability of homemade taste which has been lost from your platter!!!!

They stock a wide range of pickles just in mangoes from cut mango, sliced mango, hing mango, sweet mango, and mango chutney. If it’s lemon that suits your taste buds then check out their sweet and sour lemon, spicy lemon, and hing lemon.

In the chilies section, they have some finger-licking pickles in green chili, red crush chili, stuffed red chili, and stuffed green chili. Depending on the season they also pickle in carrot and radish, tenti/dela, jackfruit, and lasora.

If you’re a murabba lover then you can choose from their collection of a wide variety in Amla, apple, ginger, bamboo, carrot, bel pathar, harad. They also keep amla slice murabba and amla candy.

The brand makes sure that the masalas that go in the pickles are homemade and even the mustard oil that’s used in them comes from their family-run oil expeller or kolhu.

Maa Baglamukhi Enterprises Categories

1) Pickle

2) Murabba

3) Organic Spices

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Pickles can brighten up even the dullest meal. They can turn even an insipid food interesting. So, if you’re sick and tired of those synthetic tasting pickles and yearning for home-made grandma ke haath ka achaar then we suggest you check out Delhi-based Jayani brand for some homemade pickles and murabba.

Anuradha shubh

Thank you Ms Yachna Bansal for bringing back the real taste of the gone back era on my platter once again through your delicious pickle…they are truly amazing in taste and aroma..hygienically packed too ..I like both the Nimbu and Kaier variety I tried ..Will try the others soon

west Bengal

Sakshi Thakur

Just received the package .packaging was outstanding. Aam ka achar tastes like homemade, I really need it. Amla murabba also tastes good. Will surely continue with you.💕



Hi, finally received the parcel. I must say your achars are simply amazing………Loved the Kathal achar…I really appreciate the way you made sure it reaches me…
Would definitely order more soon

ferozpur, Punjab


Hi mam,Received your pickles.So nicely packed n taste is just awsm….Honestly speaking I didn’t expect them to be so good..N ur harad murbba is far better than the pantanjali.will definitely order more from youCount me as ur permanent customer 😜

Ferozpur Cantt. Punjab

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You can buy these lip-smacking pickles either from their store or online on
eCommerce platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Bigbasket. The packaging is done in food-grade plastic.