Amla Murabba 800 gm

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Some benefits of Amla Murabba

Being high in fiber, doctors recommend Amla Murabba for the best digestive and gastric problems, including gastritis
Good source of minerals
Arthritis pain
Prevents ulcers
Keeps a check on high cholesterol level



Amla Murabba

It is rightly said that “Amla de Anak Fayday” (which means that it is believed that one amla and many benefits), Amla murabba is a miraculous thing that plays a role in the world of Ayurveda and it is comfortable in all things. Proud of Its murabba has a lot of benefits even to a great extent and when it is homemade, it is unique. It has an unusual taste as well as a high amount of benefits. Amla murabba is given for many health benefits such as increasing the body’s resistance. No wonder, this is a common thing in Indian homes. Because of this, we have brought such amla murabba that we make at home and keep our customers away from any kind of chemical. It has been considered a powerhouse of nutrients – polyphenols, vitamin C, vitamin A, calcium, magnesium and iron among others. Amla Murabba is commonly consumed by people, it has a very delicious and spicy taste. It is prepared by in-house processing and is a great way to preserve the stomach for a long time. It is sweet along with sugar-free. If you buy 800grms murabba then its price will be very affordable like RS549. Amla murabba is very good for the stomach. We steam it well at home and then givae it to the people.