Bamboo Murabba 800 gm

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Bamboo Murabba has many benefits such as: –
1. Protects you against heart diseases
2. High in phytonutrients
3. Increase body power
4. Low in calories
5. Helpful for losing weight



Bamboo Murabba
Here, bamboo murabba in your diet will give you many nutritional benefits. Bamboo murabba is very succulent and is prepared in such a way that it becomes a good taste for the tongue of the customers. The special thing about this Bamboo murabba is that it helps in healing joint pens in our body. At the same time, it is very beneficial because of making this Bamboo murabba in the house. If you want to purchase Bamboo murabba for only 200grms, then its cost will be RS549 per 800grms. We deliver that kind of murabba which is properly homemade. We deliver such murabba which is made properly at home. We have staff, they prepare highly fresh and good murabba at home.