Carrot & radish pickle 400 GM

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Brand Name: MBM Food Products

Product Code: Amla Murabba

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Get many benefits from our homemade Pickle: –

  1. Filled with Vitamins
  2. Good for the skin
  3. Good for hydration
  4. High on fiber
  5. Guards the heart
  6. Regulates blood pressure
  7. Strengthens blood vessels
  8. Metabolism friendly


Carrot & Radish Pickle  

Carrot and radish pickles have many nutritional facts and health benefits. When it comes to sour pickles, pickles of carrots and radish sour and tasty vegetables come into consideration. Both are root vegetables whose pickle seems very enjoyable. Its nutrients and health benefits throw a good light on the human body. It is entirely made at home by Professional pickle makers. If you want only 200 grams of carrot and radish pickle, then buy a high health-based carrot and radish pickle from us, it cost will same RS349 per400 grams. We want to keep you away from all types of chemicals, so we make pickles away from chemicals.