Green Chilli Pickles 400 GM

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Brand Name: MBM Food Products

Product Code: Bamboo Marmalade

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Some advantages of green chilly pickles: –

  1. Cancer prevention
  2. Save the cardiovascular system
  3. Brain System Improvement
  4. Loaded with vitamin C
  5. Balances blood sugar levels
  6. Zero calories but packed with vitamins


Green Chilli Pickle

MBM, we make green chili-based pickles without any chemicals that are far you from chemical, which have many beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. In particular, it reduces the likelihood of developing atherosclerosis by decreasing blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and platelet aggregation, as well as increasing fibrinolytic activity. It is a good pickle like all pickles. Green chili pickle made without any harmful strategies and rate is just RS.349 per 400grms. Green chili pickle is loaded with vitamin C and beta-carotene is very good for healthy eyes, skin and immune system.