Red Chilli Garlic Pickle 200 gm

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Brand Name: MBM Food Products

Product Code: Amla Murabba

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Look at its benefits, which are many: –

  1. Pain and Sprain
  2. Numbness
  3. Fight Migraine
  4. Capsaicin
  5. Sound Sleep
  6. Fight Inflammation


Red Chilli Garlic Pickle

When we make red chili pickle and then add garlic in it, its taste becomes more good. When it comes to homemade pickles, the same name comes on the tongue., one of the best platforms where you can order homemade and chemical-free pickles. Now, when it comes to pickles, the pickle of red peppers steals the heart with its sour and savory whack. Every single spice of pickle is very amazing. Do you want to order Red Chilli garlic Pickle? Know the prices which are really buyable. The cost of Red Chilli Garlic Pickle is just RS199 per 200grms.